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No…were are not promoting smoking.  So why the lighter?  Here are several non smoking situations in which you would need a lighter:

  1. Lighting candles on a birthday cake.
  2. Produce a light source in the dark (think camping or power outage).
  3. Start a fire if you are stranded and need warmth.
  4. Start a fire if you are stranded and need to signal for help.
  5. Showing support at a concert/rally/vigil.
  6. Your car breaks down and you need to light a flare.
  7. Your crush needs to borrow a lighter.

If you do in fact commit to carrying a lighter, you might as well carry the greatest looking lighter out there.  This is it.  Made by American Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, PA since 1932.  A classic.

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High polish brass.

All metal construction.

Windproof design works anywhere.

Made in Bradford, PA by Zippo since 1932.


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Additional information

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